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          Tired of being in Pain? We have the answer with...

          ETPS (Electro Therapeutic Point Stimulation), Neuro-Mechanical


          A non-invasive therapy applying concentrated, low frequency

          stimulation to acutherapy points, motor/trigger points and contracted

          motor bands.

          By relaxing tightened muscles, ETPS therapy reduces the heightened

          sensitivity of the nerve pathways and helps reduce the pain for the patient.

          Success rates will vary, but clinical experience suggests a 70 - 85% over all

          success rate for chronic soft tissue disorders of musculoskeletal origin.

          Over 75% of patients will receive at least 50-80% symptomatic relief after

          the first application.

         The overall aim of Acutherapy is to restore the balance of energy between

         organs and restore the flow throughout the body by stimulating a series

         of acupoints relating to the problem.

         If you are suffering from: Arthritis.... Back Pain.... Knee Pain... Fibromyalgia...

         Joint Pain... Neck Pain... Shoulder Pain... Gout...Insomnia... Muscle Cramps....

         Shin Splints... Whiplash.... Plantar Fasciitis... Sciatica... Renal Disorders...Diabetes


         WE CAN HELP YOU!!!

          **** Contraindications include Pregnancy, pacemakers and seizures.

           ETPS  is not meant to be a relaxing type of treatment, it may be intense at times,

           but the results will be rewarding.